A little about me

My name is Jacqui Timms and I come from a little town in Mirboo North, Victoria, Australia.

Many years ago, after my marriage breakdown and standing in the middle of the kitchen crying and wondering "what am I to do?"  At the time I was a nail technician and beautician working from home and in salons around Brisbane when and wherever I could, but mostly working in our Engineering and Steel Fabrication business with my ex-husband; over the years when we were together, I became tired of wearing steel cap boots and treated like a bloke so, I took matters into my own hands with two young children and started to think about my future and to follow my own dreams not knowing that my marriage was about to end, I was 47 then.
After we separated, I started from where I stood with no money, 2 children and a rundown home I had to fight for in the family court. I had to change gears...firstly I had to change myself; so over the following 12 years through many trials and tribulations I changed and as I evolved so did my business idea. The business has come to fruition as a professional Health, Wellbeing & Beauty Agency which works in conjunction with the network marketing industry now called LA PEAUX.  

To find out more about becoming a LA PEAUX Agent.  Call Jacqui on 0413 447 146.